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NSW drivers’ last chance to renew licence at discounted rate as Fair Go for Safe Drivers Scheme ends

Time is running out for good drivers in NSW to get a major discount when renewing their licence, as the Fair Go for Safe Drivers Scheme comes to an end.
The scheme, which closes on February 17, offers a 50 per cent discount on licence renewal fees for drivers with no offences.
The discount applies automatically if you’re eligible bringing a one-year unrestricted licence renewal fee down to $33 from $66.
A three-year licence would be reduced to $77 from $154, while a five-year licence would be reduced to $104 from $208.
A ten-year licence would cost $198 if you’re eligible under the scheme.
The scheme is coming to an end next week and will be replaced by a separate scheme that would wipe a demerit point from driving offences after a year of good behaviour.
To be eligible for the scheme you need to have held any unrestricted NSW driver’s licence continuously for five years.
The scheme includes any class of driver, including driver, rider or heavy vehicle.
You can’t have any driving-related offences on your record leading up to the renewal date, including driving and parking offences, drink-driving offences and unlicensed driving offences.
Interstate, overseas, learner, P1 and P2 licences are not eligible.


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