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Scott Morrison has revealed plans to write a new book

Scott Morrison will pen his account of “cancel culture” and “identity politics” in a religious memoir scheduled for mid-2024.

Titled ‘Plans for Your Good – A Prime Minister’s Testimony of God’s Faithfulness’, the former prime minister’s 288-page book has been sold as “less political memoir and more pastoral encouragement.”

Mr Morrison secured a book deal with US’ Harpercollins Christian Publishing last year, with details emerging after he quietly updated his register of members’ interests to list his royalties advance.

“Alongside an account of high-level politics in a new media age where culture, identity politics and deep secularisation is taking hold across so many western societies, creating a truly post Christian west, Morrison testifies to the faithful love and blessings of God,” HarperCollins updated online blurb reads.
According to the publisher, the memoir contains “fascinating insights” into the handling of significant global issues and includes Mr Morrison’s “honest, vulnerable and reflective answers” to help people “better understand [their] relationship with god.”

The former Liberal leader will answer questions such as, “Who am I?” and “How do I live?”

“During one of the toughest periods since the Second World War, covering drought, wildfires, a global pandemic and recession, he chronicles God’s faithfulness throughout, win or lose, public criticism or public success,” HarperCollins said.

“Morrison is passionate about encouraging others to discover how they can access and see the many blessings of God in their own lives, no matter their circumstances.”

Mr Morrison’s public expressions of religious faith has drawn considerable public attention over recent years, the most notable being his declaration of having “always believed in miracles” during his election win speech in 2019.



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