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‘One misstep and your life could be over’: Crackdown on train ‘buffer riding’

A crackdown on the potentially deadly act of clinging onto the back of speeding trains has been launched as transport bosses warn of a spike in the “extremely dangerous and stupid” crime.
Known as “buffer riding” it sees people jump onto the back of a train and cling on as the vehicle speeds off at up to 110km an hour.
Trains bosses say incidents are rising, up over 13 per cent since 2021, with school holidays also to blame for a spike.
Eleven people have died because of illegal trespassing in rail corridors in the past five years, including people in the past year, Sydney Trains said.
Shocking footage of what appears to be young people leaping onto the backs of trains before they leave the station, and clinging on as they depart, has been released.
Sydney Trains Chief Executive Matt Longland said it is using CCTV to identify offenders, with the help of NSW Police.
“We want to warn them that this is an extremely dangerous and stupid thing to do; all it takes is one misstep and your life could be over,” Longland said.
“One mistake could destroy not only your own life, but also cause untold heartache and grief to your family and friends as well.
“All too often we see lives lost by people trespassing in the live rail corridor.
“It only takes a train accelerating or braking quickly, or for it to move close to infrastructure for someone to be knocked onto the tracks.”If the fall itself doesn’t kill you, the next train coming along probably will.”
NSW Police’s North Central Police Transport Commander, Superintendent Cath Bradbury, said the risks of taking part in the stunt, “should not be underestimated”.
“The Police Transport Command works closely with our transport partners to use the necessary resources, including CCTV, to detect, identify, and target offenders,” Bradbury said.


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