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Shocking CCTV of Adelaide thieves stealing Land Rover

Shocking footage shows the moment an Adelaide father is nearly run down by his own car after he confronted a gang of thieves in his driveway.
CCTV shows the moment two of the alleged thieves scour the College Park property, rifling through Wayne Henry’s luxury car while armed with weapons in the middle of the night.
Henry was woken by his daughter after hearing noise in their driveway and he rushed out to find the keys to his Land Rover gone.
“One went into the house and then they were in the car port just kind of walking around and one had a cricket bat and one had a hockey stick,” Henry said.
Henry went outside to confront the group and said the thieves accelerated at him in his own driveway at almost 40km/h.
“He just flattened it,” Henry said.
A last-second dive to the right is all that saved him from being hit.
“It wasn’t the most graceful jump, they won’t pick me for a stunt movie or anything any time soon,” he said.
The incident soon became a high-speed police chase through the northern and western suburbs.
The SUV was found dumped at the end of a driveway at Renown Park.
Police patrols swarmed the area but the suspects managed to elude them.
Not only did the thieves run off with the car, the suspects also took a laptop bag and a small amount of cash.
“This wasn’t a home invasion, this was a carjacking and so you kind of take a silver lining and go you know things could have been way worse,” Henry said.
Police today returned Henry’s car though the suspects remain at large.
“Hopefully they can figure out what is motivating these young kids,” Henry said.
One of the suspects is described as being about 180cm tall and wearing dark clothing, police said.
The incident comes amid a spate of youth crime across suburban Adelaide in recent weeks as police arrest dozens of children.
The government said the age of those caught offending was not unusual.
“Those trends are not trending in the direction that is seeing more young people offending,” Police Minister Joe Szakacs said.
“Communities have a right to feel safe, they are safe and they have a right to feel safe.”


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