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The family of the murdered girl is still waiting for justice for the murderer of their daughter

The parents of a “beautiful and spiritual” Queensland woman killed four years ago are still waiting for “justice” as her alleged murderer remains at large.
Toyah Cordingley, 24, met a violent end in October 2018 as she walked her dog along Wangetti Beach, north of Cairns.
“Toyah will never get the chance to live a full life… never get the chance to have children or grandchildren, to grow old,” her father Troy Cordingley said today.
“This was taken away from her by a horrendous act and the person who committed it.
“This person is right now living free with no consequences for their terrible crime and could even be committing more atrocious acts,” Cordingley added.
The man identified by police as the main suspect in her alleged murder is Rajwinder Singh, a nurse in Innisfail who boarded a plane for India days after she was killed, leaving behind his job and family.
Australian authorities have been working with the Indian government to secure an extradition order for Singh, which is now in place – but he has not yet been found.
“While justice will not bring Toyah back, justice is the least she deserves.”
Police have today offered a $1 million reward to find him – the biggest ever offered by Queensland.
Uniquely, it is not contingent on Singh’s conviction but can be awarded on the basis of an arrest.
The animal lover’s mother, Vanessa Gardiner, also hopes the reward encourages someone to come forward.
“I just hope that I get that call very soon to say that they’ve found him,” Gardiner said today.
“Toyah was a beautiful, spiritual person and her life was taken way too early.”
This comes as police release new security footage of Singh before he left Australia on October 23, 2018.
In the first CCTV he is seen wearing a blue shirt and shorts, and it’s understood he flew from Cairns to Sydney.
It’s thought he then got changed into long black pants, a pink button up shirt and a black vest to board another flight back to India.


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