ISIS misters and their children are to be resettled in Victoria

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The state government is remaining tight-lipped on how numerous ISIS misters and children will be repatriated to Victoria and where they will be housed.

Several Australian women and children of former Islamic State fighters will be resettled in Victoria, still, the state government is remaining tight-lipped on how numerous people will be repatriated and when and where they will be housed.

State Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes on Tuesday said the extradition of these families, from Syrian detention camps was an “important philanthropic response”.

“This is a complex situation but it involves a number of parties and experts in this field, managed by the civil government, in discussion with Victoria Police and indeed supports services, ”she said.

“(It) is obviously a matter for the civil government but they work veritably nearly with Victoria Police and the applicable agencies to insure that support is available for these people when they come home,” she said.

It comes as four women, and 13 children were removed from the al- Roj detention camp in northern Syria last week by Australian officers and flown into Sydney on Saturday.

They were released from their ­secure accommodation on Tuesday and returned to their extended families. “We’re deeply thankful to be back home in Australia with our children,” the women said in a common statement.

“We appreciate the complexity and significant work it has taken from numerous people including the Australian government, to bring us home and we couldn’t be more relieved to know our children are now safe.

“We want to express our remorse for the trouble and hurt we’ve caused, especially to our families.

” The women and some of the aged children will be nearly covered by the AFP and ASIO, but none are anticipated to be charged with terrorism offenses.

Furthermore, more than 40 Australian women and children remain in the camp and are listed to be repatriated in the coming months, after DNA testing confirms the children are born to Australian citizens.

It isn’t known exactly how many of these women and children will be repatriated to Melbourne.

These families have been confined to detention camps since the fall of Islamic State in March 2019.

Ms. Symes denied the families’ extradition had been delayed until after the state election.

“I ’m not apprehensive of the timing of extradition,” she said.

“It’s a civil government matter.”

A spokesperson for Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said “Given the sensitive nature of the matters involved, it would be unhappy to note further.”


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