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Peter Dutton ‘in the moment’ amid leadership speculation

Defence Minister Peter Dutton says he is keeping himself “in the moment” amid speculation he will claim the Liberal leadership if the party is voted out of government on Saturday.

Mr Dutton, a polarising figure, unsuccessfully challenged then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the role in 2018 but has remained a top-ranking Liberal under Scott Morrison.

The former drug squad cop has been a cabinet member since 2013 and held the Queensland seat of Dickson for more than 20 years.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is seen as a more moderate figure but faces the prospect of losing his once-safe seat of Kooyong to ‘teal’ independent Dr Monique Ryan.
“My head, to be honest, is very much in the moment,” he said.

“I am not thinking much beyond 6pm on Saturday night.

“I hope for the sake of our country and for families that the Morrison government is re-elected because when you see the debacle that is the Albanese campaign, people realise that he is just not ready for the job.”

Mr Dutton said his party remained a strong chance at the polls and was expecting upset wins across the country.

“I think it is incredibly tight,” he said.
“There is a good mood on the ground as you move around pre-polling. I think there are some Labor seats where there are members that haven’t worked for their local communities and I think you will see an upset in a few of those seats tomorrow.

“I think Anthony Albanese through the 20 gaffes, 20 separate gaffes over the course of this campaign … the penny has dropped for a lot of Australians, they realise that he‘s just not ready to be Prime Minister of our country.”


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