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The murdered Rami Iskandar

“Australia Today” has learned from media sources that southwest Sydney police have confirmed that the man who was shot on the morning of Saturday 14 May is the nephew of the slain gangster Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmed.

Paramedics tried in vain to save Rami Iskandar’s life after rushing to Knox Street in Belmore just before 4 a.m. Saturday after reports that a man had been shot.

The sources confirmed, shortly before ten in the morning, that Iskandar is the nephew of “Brownie” Ahmed, who was shot dead last month.

Iskandar, aged 23, was shot in the torso.

Police at the crime scene

A crime scene has been set up and is being examined by specialized forensic officers.

Knox Street was closed for hours with local traffic diversions in place.

Neighbors near the Knox Street site said they were awakened by gunshots.

A neighbor who lives a few meters from the scene, and who asked not to be identified, said that the bullets woke his newborn, as the shooting was just a few meters away.

Another neighbor said they heard “about 10 shots” before they saw a car speeding down their street.

A burnt-out car has been found in Croydon Park and police are investigating the man’s connection to murdered gangster Ahmed, who was killed last month.

Burning car

Burning car

This shooting is the second incident in a week.

The New South Wales Labor Party has accused the Perrottet government of failing to control criminal gangs in southwest Sydney – with Iskandar’s death recorded in the 13th gang-related murder.

NSW Shadow Minister Walt Secord said gangs in western Sydney were “rife”.

“Crime gangs carry out attacks with impunity and without regard for the safety of others,” Secord said.

“Frankly, I’m more concerned about feuding gangs killing each other – and more concerned about innocent bystanders being killed in the crossfire.

“Our society bears a lot of these crimes out of control by the Australian authorities, the shooting spree has been going on for a long time. This threatens the safety of the community.

Mahmoud Ahmed

Mahmoud Ahmed

“The people of Western Sydney do not feel safe walking their streets knowing that fierce gang violence can strike anywhere, anytime.”

This is the second shooting this week after Tariq Zahid and his brother Omar were shot in the lobby of Body Fit Gym on Parramatta Road.

One of them was fatally shot in the head, while the other was hit by ten bullets. He was hit in the stomach, arms and legs when they were ambushed by a hail of bullets from an unknown shooter.

Shadow Secretary of Police Dylan Coker

Shadow Secretary of Police Dylan Coker

Tariq remains under police guard at the hospital, where he faces a long road to recovery, after being shot up to 10 times including once in the head.

His younger brother died in the gym after his injuries triggered a cardiac arrest, and was buried yesterday in emotional proceedings in Lakemba.


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