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An Egyptian immigrant addresses the Egyptian leaders

Mr. President / Mohamed Abdel Fattah El Sisi – President of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Major General / Mahmoud Tawfik – Egyptian Minister of Interior

I wish you all the best and peace, congratulating you both on the blessed days of fasting and the holy month, and the approaching Eid Al-Fitr. ‎
I am pleased to present to you and to all the people of our dear country Egypt the best and most beautiful wishes, wishing you and our dear country Egypt continued prosperity and stability •• security and safety •• progress and prosperity in all fields and at all levels.

Your Excellency President / Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
On days like these, we remember your great and mighty work that you did for our Great country Egypt, and we know that you still carry on your shoulders the hopes and pains of our great people. We wish you well and Peace for our great country, Egypt, under your wise, sincere patriotic leadership.

Mr. President, we trust in your great work, and your tireless effort, despite the global economic difficulties that the whole world suffers from, in order to provide a decent and safe life for every Egyptian citizen.

Therefore, out of our belief in Australia in your patience and confidence in your honorable person. We, the Copts, see what regrets us here in Australia, and we would like to express our sadness and pain, and our deep concern for what is happening to our Coptic Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt.
The repetition of the horrific tragic incidents of the Christian Copts of Egypt, the latest of which was the killing of an innocent, and defenseless Coptic priest in Alexandria (and on the religious identity) by a motorized terrorist, as well as the continuous harassment of Christians in various aspects of daily life, the kidnapping of Christian women and girls minors, and forcing them to convert to Islam under Threats and intimidation . All of this threatens the security, safety and stability of the homeland, and distorts Egypt’s image abroad, and its reputation, and thus destroys an important source of national income, which is tourism, and undermines all your mighty efforts to build a strong modern Egypt and a new, republic. It is a malicious and evil scheme to ignite the fires of strife and civil war between the sons of one nation. As a result of the extremist Wahhabi ideas, which became rejected and unwelcome in the original country and original homeland, the country of origin (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Mr. President / Sisi

We Egyptians abroad are very concerned about the deteriorating conditions in the dear homeland, Egypt, and the conditions of our Christian people there!! We ask Your Excellency, as a loyal national leader, a wise leader we trust, and a cap to all Egyptians, to intervene immediately and decisively to stop this evil and despicable scheme that aims to destabilize the security and stability of the homeland, and to arrest the members of those rogue extremist terrorist gangs, which spread hatred, and the violent and rotten Wahhabi ideas, and to present them For prompt justice, those gangs that plan to destroy the homeland and ignite sectarian strife and violence within the homeland. One of
last works was the disappearance of Mrs. Maryam Waheeb with her little girl, a video of which was recently shown stating that she had converted to Islam.
All the evidence and clues confirm that Mrs. Maryam Waheeb was converted to Islam by force and under threat, and by force and coercive force.
Therefore, Mr. President, we ask you to issue orders to the relevant agencies to correct these mistakes and stop the forced Islamisation of minor Christian women and girls, and to hold those involved, accomplices, and instigators to account for those acts that are inconsistent with the most basic rules of values, morals, urbanization, and respect for human rights charters.
Mr. President / Sisi
We are all confident in your sovereignty towards restoring a smile to the Christian family in the city of Beni Suef, with the return of Mrs. Maryam Waheeb and her child Julia to her husband and children.
Finally, we trust in the wisdom and justice of your honour.
On my own behalf and on behalf of the Copts of Australia, I express my gratitude and appreciation.

May God protect Egypt, its good people, and its loyal and courageous national leader, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, from all evil, or bad, and preserve him as an arsenal of the homeland, and a just ruler.

Long live Egypt, dear, strong, under your wise, patriotic, sincere leadership.

My sincere thanks, love and appreciation.

Engineer / Magdi MIKHAIL
An Egyptian immigrant residing in Sydney – Australia
Elected Member ( F ) – Sutherland City Council
Head of the Liberal Party branch – Sylvania Water.
Head (X) x 2 – Rotary Club – Zone 9675.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club – Caringbah.

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