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Unfortunately! Engineers and decision makers know very little or may be nothing about Value engineering concept/approach and its significance in projects best performance.

By Emad W. Shublaq*

Often you may see the words “Value engineering, value management, or value analysis” are coming across in some occasion in different texts, articles or even recruiting ads and most probably the majority of readers don’t know exactly what it means or how it works or even the benefits of utilizing such a technique in engineering and non -engineering industry practices.
Internationally, more than 45 countries all over the world recognising and appreciating how powerful is the technique in solving problems and adding value to engineering projects and non-engineering projects; USA, China, Japan, India, Hungary, Korea, are among many to successfully implementing the approach and saves billions of dollars annually in infrastructure, mega-projects, and operation and maintenance daily works. However, in simple term, Value engineering (VE) technique can be identified as:
“A specialised cost control technique which performed by a group of people who are highly experienced and independent in order to achieve the functional balance between; Quality, Performance and Cost for any product, project, and process”.
In Australia, and recently, Engineers, QSs, Builders, Owners, and other interested people had realised that governments (State and Federal) should becoming more adamant and keener on curbing its projects expenses particularly when it comes to undetermined squandering and profligacy policy which excessively and continuously bleeding the government`s budget necessary items unjustifiably in most cases with no sense of mercy or grace!
Our VE chapter in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, NC, and SI (established in Sydney with 24 members at 2020) is proudly calling and supporting all interested persons in any related fields or industries to obtain the best knowledges and services to fully understand the strength and powerful of value engineering approach.
The Chapter is really targeting the public and private sectors projects and policy makers, standards, authorities to consider involving VE mandatory workshops in their projects contractual agreements at a certain amount of construction (or/and O&M) cost.

President, SAVE-Int., in ANZ+4 Chapter, Visiting Professor in Value Eng. & Project management.
Certified Value engineering specialist (CVS-Life), F. SAVE, FIEAust., F. ASCE, F. AITD
Adviser, PMRT Consultants & Dexices Pty Ltd.
Ph.D. in Civil engineering, Leeds University, England, UK.


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