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In 2022 I converted to Christianity We killed a priest and the Muslims ruled the world

I followed, as everyone followed on social media, the recent recurring, fanatical and extremist events against the other, which have increased since the seventies due to the emergence of the faithful Muslim president of a Muslim country, who left universities in the grip of extremist groups, establishing fanatic and extremist youth, and the state left the press and media to this day in the hands of extremist leaders that establish For a new Islam and Sharia, with which God has not sent down any sultan, as he took control of Al-Azhar (and I am an eyewitness) our hard-line colleagues, once for the government’s desire to do so, and once to satisfy Wahhabi money, although the tap of Wahhabi money is now closed thanks to Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, but the monthly salaries of Wahhabi money to the leaders of extremism Extremism is the servant of Wahhabi thought. It has funded these people for more than 50 years, to the extent that they gifted them more than a hundred million books under the government’s sight. They were sold on the sidewalks at a price that everyone could afford. The Egyptian community has spawned millions of extremists who believe in the Wahhabi ideology, due to the importance of the Egyptian society culturally, artistically and in the media The entire Arab world because of the ease of understanding the Egyptian dialect for the entire Arab world, and also because of the presence of Al-Azhar, the largest Islamic institution in the world, from which the Islamic world derives its educational curricula. Making our country at the bottom of the world because there are those who always put the stick in the cog of work and progress, and the Arab rulers have helped in that because the people’s backwardness is in the ruler’s interest in staying in the chair, and it is the worst kind of national betrayal. Unfortunately, the Arab ruler does it amid loud applause from the backward people. One step in correcting the religious discourse and purifying the inheritance, although the matter is clear and announced, and I am one of the people who demanded this in one of my books 21 years ago, and the government returned to me, then we saw the seeds of all of that sprout and grow and are thrown under the knowledge and vision of the governments, and the correct, tolerant, middle Islam is erased and their Islam and Sharia are established Wahhabism, which knows nothing but hatred for others, and even for a Muslim who does not belong to their group, it was natural to see the killing of a priest or a Christian because of the difference in religion Because there are those who knew the opening of the meme. These are forged hadiths such as a hadith falsely attributed to Abdullah Ibn Omar – may God Almighty be pleased with them: that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and establish prayer, and give Zakat. If they do that, their blood and money will be protected from me except by the right of Islam, and their account is with God Almighty. It was mentioned in forged books of Bukhari and Muslim. ;; And also a forged hadith that was mentioned in a forged book of Al-Bukhari falsely attributed to our master the Prophet that he said (A Muslim shall not be killed by an infidel) PBUH, and because of the ignorance of some judges, we saw them pardoning the killer from execution based on these forged hadiths;;; Then we also saw the celebration of the entry of Christianity to Islam, as if this was the goal and the greatest victory for Islam, which moves us from the bottom of the world to dominate the world, which applied to us as a nation laughed at its ignorance of nations;; And that is because of their wrong or disinterested interpretation of verses and hadiths such as God Almighty said: And who is better in speech than he who calls to God and does righteous deeds and says that I am among those who are Muslim here: And whosoever says in Islam is also mentioned in the name of Muhammad. To God and believe in him because the Holy Qur’an says that Abraham was a Hanif Muslim and also says about Solomon that even though they were thousands of years before the descent of Islam. The intended guidance here is for the Muslim and the non-Muslim so that he has a live conscience and has humanity in doing good, helping the needy and the oppressed, and rejecting hatred, as they relied on the saying of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in his saying: Whoever guides to good has the same reward as the one who does it. Narrated by Muslim, the speech is directed to the Muslim and the non-Muslim, i.e. to all people,, as they weave false tales about building a palace in Paradise for those who convert someone to Islam and this situation has remained for hundreds of years and our Arab and Islamic world is at the bottom of the world, which means that Islamization and the killing of those who differ in religion do not satisfy God It will not support the Islamic religion, but the Islamic religion does support work, production, innovation, a human conscience, love of all God’s creation, human beings, animals and trees, doing good deeds with all people and stopping fanaticism and extremism, only then can we rule the world.
Oh God, Oh God, I witness reached
Dr. Mustafa Rashid, one of the scholars of Al-Azhar and a professor of law, for the question: WhatsApp +61478905087 or 201005518391


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