Last October, a girl disappeared in Western Australia, the world turned upside down, and the police did their best to search for her until they found her about 15 days after her disappearance. And here I have lost a valuable thing that was stolen from my car, which is my laptop..

This device has everything related to my work and my past, present and future life..

I reported the police and told them the whole story and they promised me to monitor the cameras and find the laptop and that would take days..

In fact, two weeks passed and they did not call me and did not tell me anything..

I hope the Australian police will help me find my little (laptop) my wife and I have not slept and our lives are in constant anxiety, and if it takes me for a long time I fear that we need psychological treatment ..

All our lives In this device..please help us..

To contact the person of this story, please contact our newspaper..

on 0449 146 961

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