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The Book of Ecclesiastes, chapter three, says: “There is a time for everything, and a time for every matter under the heavens.”

Yes, if the time of the Coronavirus has passed with all its mutations, the time will come when the epidemics will end and life will return to normal.

Some may see Covid as a dangerous epidemic, but I tell him, it is not more dangerous than the Spanish flu, which killed fifty million people.

Some people may know that the vaccine is dangerous and may be fatal. I tell them that one day the vaccine will become “after being developed” a normal vaccine like the regular flu vaccine.

The world has gone through many events and many epidemics, such as smallpox, plague, cholera, measles, and other deadly epidemics, but the world is still the same and has not become extinct.

Rather, the population increases, people develop, science develops, people move from one stage to another, and the sun shines again on the earth and enlightens people in their ways.

Do not despair, my friend, and know that the issue is a matter of time and will pass like others, and if it is long or short, it will end one day.

So be patient, and do not worry, as its episodes were only narrowed and released. What you wish will happen, but in its time it will speed up.


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